Love!! What is love to you?

Love to me is making sure that special someone in your life is cared for, appreciated, needed, spoken to with nice things to say, treated like you want to be treated but most of all touched by the one and only person who gives you goosebumps when you first met them. The love you had for him/her at the startt is still down there somewhere, but both of you are still there and the feelings are there too but they never seem to be shown/ show feelings in general towards their partner they have chosen to spend your entire life together as a family group.

My partner and I are both pushing each other away because that’s what you think is done in relationships. We are not meant to push the other persons buttons as it can turn into disaster/disappointment. I wish we would be more hands on towards each other.

These quotes i have attached to the bottom really resonates with me as it’s telling me that he needs to pull his fingers out and start helping as a partnership isn’t one sided. People need to understand that being in a family means that we all have to help occasionally to keep everyone happy and calm.

Especially when we don’t spend quality time together as a coupleor as a family of 4. We should give more love and attention to each other, so we can communicate with each other and start loving unconditionally without fighting and not enjoying your life together as a couple.

A partnership is helping each other out to perform a task. I feel like its always one sided and he get away with murder if we let him.