Healthy meals

I offer water with every meal or snack time

Breakfast meal time:

1. Weet bix with milk
2. Toast with Vegemite or peanut butter

Morning Tea Snacks:

1. Toast
2. Muesli slice
3. Crackers and dip
4. Banana bread
5. Carrot cake

Afternoon Tea Snacks:

1. Vegetables and dip
2. Fruit platter
3. Muesli and yoghurt
4. Rice bubble slice
5. Cheese and crackers

Main Meal Time:

1. Mash vegetables and pasta
2. Spaghetti Bol sauce with pasta
3. Chicken and vegetables with rice
4. Chicken nuggets and chips
5. Tuna mornay with pasta
6. Fish, vegetables and rice
7. Apricot chicken and rice
8. Chicken wraps with salad items
9. Potato and leek soup with bread and butter
10. Pumpkin soup with bread and butter.

I need to start walking around with the boys again so I can start losing weight. Even walking up to the Peninsula Link Trail every second day would help lower my weight. I just need to stay motivated but some days I just feel like sitting on the couch. On our two week holidays from music class, I will ask mum if she would like to come down to Frankston and we can walk together and talk. I just need a friend to walk with.

I’m a part of all these Facebook groups but I have only been on one walk with the walking group. I need to commit to doing things with other mums on Mondays.