What I have been thinking about? 

Our time on Phillip Island was so relaxing and was great to spend and share the day with my family especially my Mum Judy. The boys really enjoy the ferry trip over and back from the Island to the main land. When we first arrived we all sat down at the local pub and had a drink to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mum and of course myself. My twin boys are two nearly two and a half,  they becoming a bit of a handful at present. If you have any advice please let me know as I’m am struggling with the sleeping routine during the day and especially at night time. But enough of that. 

I want to tell you all about the recording studio time we have booked on Saturday. I’m am excited but nervous at the same time. It’s like when you audition for a production I used to participate in before having the boys. I am going to try get back into doing them as it was a good way of keeping in touch with friends and family of my production family. I reckon the boy would love watching their Mumma perform on a stage while they are in the audience. 

On Saturday the 19th of May we will be meeting up in Upwey to record our family album which we have wanted to do in a very long time now. We purchased the studio time for my Mum’s birthday or Christmas present and this is the only time we have had to go ahead and record the EP all together. I’m singing the start of a song all by myself which I will enjoy but I’m nervous that I will stuff it up and then get embarrassed. 

I will have to practice with the babies tomorrow as well as my friend and educator Fee. I hope she doesn’t mind at all. I’m just want it to be perfect and not have to do it ten thousand times. I wish I was singing a whole song by myself as I would really love to show off my voice without anyone else. I will definitely be writing to tell everyone about the recording studio time and how it goes and if I stuff up and have to repeat it ten thousand times.

I might ask if I could do a song by myself on Saturday if possible. Keep updating you all.