Christmas Time

As we all know that its “Christmas Time” and its a mad rush to get everything done just in time for the 25th of December every year. You have to buy presents, wrapping them, put them under the tree ready for the Christmas Day so that everyone can open them with everyone celebrating what you have just received. Last year we traveled to Fingal Bay on the Port Stephens coast in New South Wales. My parents rented a house for all of us to stay in. It was close to the beach and we spent most of our time either there or ar the caravan park swimming pool as mums sisters and brothers have on site vans there for everyone to use.

(Parents of children who have their birthdays close to Christmas know that it’s an extra expensive time but We love it and We love seeing their faces light up.)

This year we are doing two Christmases One is on the weekend before Christmas and the other one is actually on “Christmas Day.” I can’t wait to see their faces when they open or spot their presents that santa got them as they have been nice this year. Christmas time is also a stressful time as its a time where some people can’t afford clothes, food, shelter, presents and so on. Parents struggle with not being able to provide these thibgs for them. There are organizations that help you with being able to afford Christmas, from food to presents so that you have a magical Christmas. We all probably know a family or friend who are struggling as well but through this Christmas period we should be all hold out a helping hand so that if we need it in the future it gets passed back to us when we need it.

On a side note, I have been trying to think of what I can give the Educators in the boys room at Childcare for a Thank you/Christmas present but i can’t seem to find the perfect present, I’ll just have to keep looking. If you have given someone a really perfect present please let me know. Im struggling with money so I’m going to make something so its more personalized and m as de with love and care. I have 7 to make not sure what to do.