Routine and stick to it 

When you have a new born baby or two in the first couple of weeks are the hardest but once you and your baby work out a ROUTINE that works for your family stick to it as its hard to get them back into the routine that worked so hard for. 

I am speaking from experience as my twin boys (Spencer and Patrick) are really hard to get to sleep when bedtime rolls around at night. I have tried almost everything that I could possibly think of. 
My mother wants to help me do “controlled crying” with the boys as this was the solution that worked for myself when I was six months old. I’m still not sure if this would work for Spencer and Patrick because they are a lot older than I was when my mother did “controlled crying” on me. Maybe I should try it as it can’t hurt as it might make them sleep at bedtime at night time. 

This is our Routine at the moment 

7.30 am.         Wake up 

7.30 am.         Change nappies 

7.30/8.30am  Playtime  

8.30/9 am       Breakfast 

9/10.30am.     Depends on whether a walk                            and play at the park.

11/11.30am    Lunchtime

12 noon.           Naptime for two to three.                                  hours          

2.30/3pm.          Wake up 

3.30/4pm.          Playtime 

4/4.30pm.          Snack

5.30/6pm.          Dinnertime 

6.30/7pm.           Bathtime

7/7.30pm.          Bottle 

8pm.               Hopefully asleep.

We have used to be having two naps during the day but now that we only have one daytime nap bedtime comes so much easier for all of us. 

Hope this helps you find the best possible routine for your little one/ones. 

Twin Mumma Cait