Manners that I’m going to teach the boys

I am going to teach my boys manners and how you treat people around you.

In the home:

When you enter your house you must always say Hello and when you are leaving say Goodbye and make eye contact with the person to whom you are speaking with at all times.

This one is the big one say Please and Thank you when you get receiving something or asking for something.

Always hold the door open so the people or person can enter or exit before you.

When you accidentally bump into someone down the street always say sorry and when you are trying to get through a crowd always say excuse me

Always cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough also say excuse me after this actions.

Be on time to all appointment and meeting times.

Learn how to make a phone call so for the rest of your life you know the right way and the wrong way.

Always sit properly.

Be appreciative towards others when they compliment you.

If you make a mess clean up after yourself.

When you are with adult company:

When speaking with someone eye contact is important.

Use respect with in adult conversations.

Don’t interrupt when they are speaking.

Say excuse me to ask a question or if they are nearly finished talking just be patient and wait your turn to speak.

In adult company don’t use foul language.

When your with your friends:

Always wait your turn to speak.

Don’t make fun of anyone.

Always give compliments as it makes them and you feel good about yourself.

Speak nicely with everyone and each other.

At the dinner table:

Wash your hands before sitting down.

Learn how to use your cutlery properly.

When eating chew with your mouth closed.

Don’t talk with food in your mouth wait until you have finished what was in your mouth.

Always use your magic words “Please and Thank you.

Keep your elbows on the edge of the table.