Travelling with Toddlers

I have been reading up on how to travel with toddlers,. I will be making snack boxes which we can use while driving all the way to Fingal Bay on Saturday. I have been told that we won’t be in Fingal bay until 12 midnight. I think we might need to leave a little bit earlier so we get to our final destination earlier then midnight. I put a post on Facebook asking the mums about a minimum length of time that a Toddler can sit in their car seats and the mums say it’s totally up to you and your toddler. I’m so grateful that the boys enjoy the car. We will try to travel a little bit longer than I was expecting. I thought that children were only able to be in their car seat for 2 hours. But I stand corrected.

I will be discussing with my partner to see if we should leave a little bit earlier, to beat the traffic and to get to the final destination at a decent hour of the day. I feel like if we start the day early we won’t be so angry with every other as there won’t be many people on the roads that early. I have been on a road trip with a friend a few years back as we traveled to Tweed Heads then all the way up to Cairns, but I have never done it with a life partner or two toddlers before so this is a new experience, which will show our strength, ability to be calm, talk nicely to each other, communicate with my parents who will already be in Fingal Bay waiting for us to arrive that night.

We have purchased DVD player headrests that the boys absolutely love and enjoy watching their favourite movie “Toy Story” 1 ,2 or 3. I will be taking movies that I would like to watch and never have the time too so that I can enjoy the DVD screen when the boys are asleep in their new car seats they got for Christmas from “Nana” and “GDad.” My sister are also going to be with us for Christmas but they don’t arrive until Christmas Day, so we will pick them up from the airport travel down to Newcastle for Christmas lunch at my mums sisters house with a pool and lots of area for the boys to run around, I’m excited to see my boys interact with their cousins who are older.

I’m really excited about going as a couple of days ago we weren’t going as we couldn’t afford it but then my sister offered to help us out with the money so that we could afford to spend time with family for a mini beach holiday. I’m so glad that I have sisters who would drop everything to help my partner, as we have made a “village” help us raise our boys.

I will keep you posted on how it was travelling with Toddlers for the very first time. I hope we arrive at the final destination in one piece, without any fighting, yelling, bickering and no crashing. My partner and I are both stressing and struggling to see eye to eye on most things. I hope this road trip helps us connect again and become closer and more in love with each other just like when we met for the first time 3 years ago. He even told his Mum about me even though he didn’t know me yet. He even told his mum that “I was the one” I wish that guy would come back into my life as he really did enjoy my company. Nowadays we are not feeling the love like we did back then. Hopefully we rekindle our love for each other again

Wish us luck

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