So as you all know I have twin boys who are very active and love playing outside. The two of them together are mischief with a capital M. Today Spencer,Patrick and I went to the park as the weather was amazing for a spring day. The boys walked over to the skate park and tried to get up the ramp but as hard as they tried they failed each time but they didn’t give up as they have a “can do attitude”.

I have always left them to learn and to play without having “Mummy” always around watching their every move while outside and at the park. But then this happened so maybe I need to reconsider my supervision towards the boys but don’t really want to be a “helicopter parent” as they call those parents who hover over their children.

I’m so glad that they have a can do attitude towards life as they will continue at a task until they have conquered it by themselves without assistance, which is really hard when they fall over and hurt themselves like Patrick did today. He was playing and trying to step up to play on the grass when he missed the step and he fell hitting his head on the concrete garden bed I rushed over and picked him up and he snuggled in to me while he was crying. He cried for five or so minutes then stopped and had a drink and then I noticed the bump which had come out but had a little cut which had a little bit of blood, so we got him into the car and went to the doctor.

When we saw the doctor who told us that he was fine but to watch out for signs of concussion. Next time one of them hurts their heads we have some information about concussions that they doctor gave us. Maybe we need to move their play areas and put them into the grass so they don’t hurt themselves anymore.

Also they were sleeping through the night but recently they have been waking up once a night every night. I feel like they shouldn’t have been waking up at nineteen months as they should be sleeping through the night. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

Our routine is:

7/7.30am Wake up

8/8.30am Breakfast

9/9.30am Get dressed

10/10.30am Playtime

11/1.30am Lunchtime

12 Noon Nap time

3.30/4pm Wake up from nap time

5/6.00pm Outside playtime

6/7.00pm Dinner

7.30/8pm Stories and bedtime

Please comment on your routine so I can change mine to help them sleep better during the night.