About my life and family 

Watching the waves at the beach 

I’m Caitlin , I’m 29 years old. I will be 30 in August 2017. My partners name is Daniel and he just turned 27 years old in March 2017.  We had twin boys who are called Spencer James (Daniel’s middle name)  & Patrick Jude ( I picked Jude as I used to look after a little boys in childcare who absolutely adore me and I him. It is also my mothers name as she is called Judith) 

My partner and I are going  to be together for three marvellous years on the 27/09/17 We weren’t together long before we found out that we were pregnant with identical twin boys who were born on the 12/01/2016. Who are now 15 months, they are walking around together, starting to talk to us and each other, feeding themselves lunch and dinner i continue to do breakfast as I still want to be needed by the boys. I am absolutely bless and enjoying motherhood  and I wouldn’t change anything for the world with my two little princes. They also bring happiness, laughter, light, and love into everyone who meets them because they both smile and it makes the room so much more brighter and cheerful then it was before they smiled. 

I have been trying to lose weight and become fit and strong for years now. I have tried , Weight Watchers, healthy eating, calorie counting. I had lap band in 2010 which has helped me keep the weight off as I used to be 120 kgs which was my heaviest and I will never be that again. I am now 93kg which i wont be for long as i am starting the OptiFast shakes they helped me lose 10 kgs when i had to do them for lapband.  I want to lose weight for Spencer, Patrick, Daniel and Myself so that i am not a disappointment to my children. 

I would love my weight to be 70 to 65 kgs and with determinationand support from my family I will reach that goal weight. I will be able to run around after my boys. (Which I can’t wait for) will also be able to enjoy life with my partner and children because I won’t be weighed down with excess weight. 

I will be lighter, brighter, happier and enjoy and love life with my family (not that i dont now but i will feel better and look better about myself and i don’t won’t have to worry about diabetes as it is a risk now because I had gestational diabetes when i was pregnat with the boys. If i don’t become healthier i feel like my boys might feel embarrassed about how their mummy looks. I would like to try having another baby after the boys are at primary school as then I won’t be running after two toddlers as well as having a baby or being pregnant, even though I do miss being pregnant i will have to wait and see if it happens again for us if it doesn’t we have two beautiful little boys. 

I have just started working three days a week. I am struggling to find time to get everything done for the next working week. Im working three days a weekn is hard, its physically and mentally draining. If you have kids of your own you have to finish work and then start again with your own children. 

  I am going to have to write down everything I need to get done on my days off so that on the weekends we can spend all our time with the boys instead of doing household chores.  I will be getting a whiteboard and organizing our weekly routine/roster so we don’t forget to get all the jobs one each day. If we stick to our routine with the boys everything will work out and we will get our time togetheras well. We can’t forget about ourselves as well. We need to find a perfect balance between spendingtime with the boys as well as with each other. 

Spencer and Patrick
Cheeky monkey
Ball pit fun

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