Technology is addictive

Wow. I have just been able to get back after dropping my phone in the dishwasher. I know stupid me. So i had an old Note4 that had a cracked screen so asked mum if she could fix it and ill pay her back. Really excited to be having my Note4 back again. I have missed android systems. Only down fall is it goes flat quickly but that will hopefully change.

I have been trying to get off my phone and spending time with the boys we walked to the park as we are having beautiful spring day. Tomorrow is going to be even better as its going to reach 20 degrees, “SUMMER IS ON HER WAY.” I have been losing weight since the start of this year and lost 10 kilograms up until now. I’m so excited

While being off technology for a week i spent time cleaning and decluttering the house so we don’t have to take any unnecessary items to the new house which will be bigger and have all the thibg we want ina house.

Im going to do the kitchen tomorrow and get it clean so its fresh for the week coming. Im also looking into getting a new tattoo but not really to include what my idea is. I feel like this blog is turning into a diary instead of a blog. We are staying at a friend’s house for a weekend away thats not to far for our first trip away. Im really excited about getting away from normal life for the day.

Today we went to the park with the boys “of course” and i left my phone at home on charge which is huge for me. Im very proud of myself. I will continue to play with the boys with or without my phone which was great as i actually run, jump ,walk, play following the leaderand teaching them to listen and communication. So proud of myself. I think we all need to get out of the screens and start communicate with other people as its possible that people are getting depression from not having real friends (face to face).

Let me know if you put down your phone after reading this and start playing or paying attention to your children more then your phone because I know i have and im so grateful for being able to do so.

I have been really good until the boys are in bed or im in the car with my partner driving of course i sit on my phone and not interact with my partner and we are trying to work on communication but when im on my phone he gets annoyed because we are meant to be spending time together.

Twinmumacait signing off until next time.

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  1. Truthfully, technology can be very addictive! But to your point our kids need our attention especially in their growing up years. Congratulations! And also congratulations on losing 10kgs, that’s amazing! I only lost 4kgs so far and I know that was hard work.


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