So I have a friend who is in a relationship with a NARCISSIST. Who threatens and verbal abuses her. She has had enough and is ready to leave him but is scared of getting out of this abusive relationship. She has no where to go and what to do next. I know that I have been in this situation before but got out of his grasp as he found another girl to abuse i know that doesn’t sound nice but thats what happens. She has got out as well and is in a happy marriage with a child and one on the way.

I think this happens to a lot of people who don’t know what to say or do. We need to speak up, make them know that this is not how you treat or respect other people than yourself. You need to be grateful for being alive and we have to start standing up for ourselves and become ourselves again rather than someone we are not. Why do we have to remember that other people deserve the same respect and dignity that we give ourselves. Narissisist don’t care for others feelings its like they don’t give the people they are meant to love support or comfort when sad, angry, hurt and disappointed by the narcissist.

Everything they do to you is not your fault, its because they need to see you falling apart so they will continue to play games with you to destroy you even more. People like that find strength in other peoples weakness, it distracts them from the horrible way they feel about themselves on the inside. This makes so much sense because when you are not feeling yourself then you tell and scream until you feel better or aren’t going to bite off somebody’s head off tjis meand you are calm and are willing to talk unlike the narcissist on the other hand, they keep pushing and pulling on the heart and emotional strings until you snap.

Narcissistic people are very hard to please its as if they have a problem with you and keep telling you that you are lazy and no good at what you do. This is their way of abusing you. Also problems happen when you start talking back and standing up for yourself. They panic and back down because they are scared that you will find the courage to leave them and then they will be alone with their thoughts which will be hard for them as well as you because they wont make life easier for you until they find a new girlfriend or partner to threaten and abuse.

The victim of a narcissist relationship is always trying to make things right so there’s no fights or disagreements over the little things. But she has to stop doing this and standing up for what she believes in. If he wants something he needs to work for it rather than taking it from someone else who has worked her butt of for. Narcissistic people take, take and keep taking until its all gone and she gives up as she is run down and doesn’t want to fight anymore.

The victim needs to find the courage to pack up and leave the narcissist person as its causing stress, strain, anger, resentment, disappointment and hate. You need to know when the time is right to speak out tell them that enough is enough stop fueling their fire with your arguments and fights over the samd thibg ad they will continue to use it against you.

Remember that you are STRONGER than you give yourself credit for. Get help and leavr your abusive relationship before it’s too late.

Don’t be intimidated by him or her and just be yourself and if they can’t handle you then its their loss not your definitely not yours even though at the time they will make you feel like it is. Dont cave and take them bavk it will take a few weeks/ months for your life to go back to normal. Just take the ride and learn from it in the end.

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