From 2010 to 2018

My goal weight is 80-75 by November 2019 for my sister Alannah and Dave’s wedding.

These are photos of myself at my heaviest to the other day while at work. The photos range from 2010 to 2018. I can totally notice a difference between then and now. I’m so proud of myself for being able to run around after Spencer and Patrick as they are very active and can run away from you in a split second and they can run amazing fast for nearly 3 year olds. Haven’t those years just flown past in a flash.


When I finished high school I kept stacking on the weight and my family were worried that I might end up having Diabetes cause by not eating health meals and eating to much lollies and soft drink and McDonald’s. I used to eat McDonald’s before I went home from work, I would also eat my dinner with my family and then sit on the couch and watch tv and not exercise at all even though I worked in Childcare and its a very active job and you need to be fit ans healthy. These habits caused me to gain weight, but when I looked in the mirror I would see myself and I would liked what I saw until I saw a video of myself from a production that I was Musical Director for and sang the closing song at the end with the Director. I was overweight and looked like i could topple over and squash someone i was that heavy. By the end i really needed to attend the seminar information night about Lap Band Surgery.

I decided that it was time to get my life back on track as a friend of mine had it done and she looked amazing and she felt like she had a new lease on life so I took the leap and had the surgery done in May 2010 this surgery saved my life.

During the lead up to getting the surgery when I weighed myself in the surgeon office I weighed 120 kgs which took me by surprise. I continued on my journey as I needed to do this for myself. It wasn’t easy but I am not at my goal weight yet but I will be. I now weigh 90 kgs which is a great achievement for me as I always have been 100kgs and stuck there but recently I have been concertrating on losing weight.

I have been losing weight slowly but surely, I will get to my goal weight with decication and having an amazing time limit in place. I can’t wait for the day that I’m at my goal weight. I need to be at my goal weight by November 2019 for my sisters wedding where I want to look my best as its not every day your sister or someone you love gets married.

I wouldn’t have been able to lose this weight without the constant praise and encouragement from my family and friends. I’m glad i did this for myself as i would have ended up dead and without my two little bundles of joy and happiness. I’m grateful for the support from Daniel in my weight loss journey which hasn’t ended yet but just beginning. Both Daniel and I will be supporting each other through our getting healthy and fit for the boys starting now as we both need to be around to raise them and guide them through life and show them how strong willed and determined their parents are.

I would like to Thank my family and friendsfor their constant support and reassurance that I absolutely can keep going and that im doing a great job losing weight.


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