Weight loss for my Sister’s wedding next November 2019

Well I have been losing weight since the start of this year but I need to lose weight faster as I only have 13 more months to get down to my goal weight of 75-80 kgs at the moment I’m 91 kgs which is very good for me as i normally sit around the 100kg mark but i have been concertrating on losing weight so I watch what I eat. In the last couple of weeks we have been strapped for cash so we have been getting soft drinks which I know are bad for you. As of next fortnight when I get paid again I will be buying high fat low carb items to see if it works for me this KETO DIET that everyone is talking about. I think it will be easy but hard at the same time as i won’t be able to have chocolate or any sweet things.

I had Lap Band Surgery in 2010 so i can’t eat most things so it might be worth seeing if this diet will be beneficial for myself. To grt some nutrients from the food without carbs. Ihe girls from work are doing it and have lost 6KGS which is amazing and I want to be that person as well. Im going to char with a friend from work who is on the diet and ask her questions about the diet.

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