Being a mum is a lonely job

I now understand why mum are always looking sad it’s because they are lonely and wish they had someone else to talk to instead of their children as they sometimes fall into depression as they don’t have anyone else in their lives.

I have started up a Facebook page called “Mummas’ safe place ” please look it up and add yourself.

I love being a mum but I just wish that my old friends I had before babies knew that they are always needed and wanted in your life even with baby or babies. Someone needs to tell new parents that it will or can become lonely and if you are feeling angry , sad or depressed to please speak with someone regarding all your thoughts and worries.

I have been feeling like this the last couple of days as I have been told I’m talking behind someone when I haven’t but this person thinks that they are correct which hurts and I feel betrayed but I didn’t mention anyone’s names.Us mum have to stick together as being a MOTHER is a hard but rewarding job which continues through out the days and months. I try to give out beautiful and meaning comments about other mums and babies, and even more twin mummas who know exactly what I’m going through as we are have something in common “TWINS,”

I feel like a play date is in order for with the twin Mummas if anyone had some time free. I will try to put a post on the “MTM” and see who if free for play dates.