You just get over your bullying when you decided to let go of your past but WELCOME THE FUTURE!!l

Bullying isn’t good for anyone. People should accept everyone the same as they would like to be treated.

In the last couple of days I have been told that I have been spending rumours about a certain someone but in fact I haven’t been and I know that I haven’t but this person won’t believe me. I feel horrible as I feel like I wouldn’t do this to anyone as I know what it’s like to be talked about behind your back as this happened a lot at high school. I know it’s hard to understand but I was bullied at school by a boy on the bus I would catch to and from school. He would call me “FAT” even though he was as over weight as I was.

During the years at high school it progressively got worse as he would say it so loud that the whole bus would hear. I think I would walk home sometimes and not catch the bus as I didn’t want to hear him calling me all sorts of names. I think I vaguely remember my sisters/sister standing up for me once when she heard him say something about me. I feel like everything stems from this one little boy who would bully me as soon as I stepped up and through the busses doors. I would try to find a seat that was well away from him.

I would walk to Dad’s factory at the back of Main Street in Mornington VICTORIA where he set up a coffee factory selling coffee beans to cafes around the peninsula. My sisters and I would go there and help dad every day after school. We would pack coffee beans into bags for the cafes he was getting with word of mouth reviews/ recommendations by cafe owners and friends of the family. He would travel all around the peninsula delivering coffee beans to the cafes that liked the taste and flavour of his specialty roasted coffee beans by the master toaster himself all the way from PNG where we used to live while my parents were teaching in the international school with the local “wontoks” people/Children.

We would work as a family to get the orders ready for delivery by the next day.Dad started the coffee business with a friend from Papua New Guiena after they decided that that had enough of teaching children to learn even they still love doing it. When helping dad gets his new business up and running was a great experience during my life this has shown me that you can do absolutely anything that comes to mind.

When I turned 13 year old, Dad and Mum decided that it was the best for everyone if we moved to “Australia” “Victoria” to be with family, also continue our schooling in a day school not boarding school where you went home every school holidays. I thought that I would have loved board school which I would of hated and homesick and would be traveling down and not going back if I didn’t go to a normal high school where you go home every day to your family, but now I think about it Dad and Mum made the right decision bringing us home, even though I started in term Two which was quite hard as everyone in year 7 had already found there friends as they were there for orientation/ the first day of High School which is important. In the first year I made two great friends. The very next year we changed again and found more friends to find out I would make even more friends every year. Which was quite hard in hindsight.

I know High school is hard but getting bullied is hard and detrimental to a persons personality, mental health, appearance, over all health and most of all there hearts. I hope that anyone who is feeling like they are going bullied even if they don’t say if. I would like to THANK MY PARENTS for always doing the very best they can do and be for there Threes wonderful, talented, resourceful, caring, loving and helpful daughters.

I’m feeling terrible about giving the wrong impression of myself and feel like I have told you the truth and feel like if you don’t want to forgive me that’s fine I forgive you and your words hurting my feelings as I don’t need to bullied in my adult life.


Caitlin: Moral of the post is to let people understand how bullying affects everyone differently, Even though it’s the same, everyone processes things a different way. Family matters much more than friends as friends come and go. I would love to thank my family and friends who have helped me through tough times in my past but looking forward to the future with my partner and children.