Childcare or New Opportunities to extend on my teaching skills.

Well I work in the childcare (daycare) industry and really love watching children learn about life and grow up into an well rounded adult. I think having children and working in childcare you have been given more opportunities to become a better educator and an even better mother. I know you are tired after working all day and you wish that you could just relax but you have another think coming as you finish work you have to sight out both you and your beautiful children, Spencer and Patrick.

Yesterday I went to pick them up after I finish working and they didn’t want to leave which is an awesome and wonderful sign that means your educators are doing a great job in moulding and creating strong, independent adults in the future. I hope that Spencer and Patrick are being the best they can be within reason.

I think the boys need to be kept responsible for their words and actions towards others and one another, Family is always just around the corner if you need them. Family is much more important than money. Happiness and shelter are the most important things in life. If you have a roof over your head you will survive. If you are also happy doing what you are doing that means the world.

I have been thinking about changing careers but I’m not sure what I should do. I think I might do the swimming instructor course so I can teach Spencer and Patrick to swim. Also make some more money on the side by teaching at a swim school. I will try get the course done so I can get another rewarding job teaching children to swim so they aren’t scared of the water when they grow older.

See you soon xx

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  1. Life with twins is always going to be full of exciting adventures. Really enjoyed reading your blog. It is good to know that you feel so strongly about family and that you treasure yours so much.


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