Life in general

Well I have a pretty busy but rewarding life which I spend with my partner and my twin boys Spencer and Patrick. These two little men have changed our outlook on life.

We want the best for the boys as they need to live life to the fullest and achieve their full potential. In the next few years we plan on but a new car, build a house, find a primary school that we all feel comfortable with and during those years at primary school we will choose a high school but we won’t think of that just yet as they are only 2 and a bit, still little.

When they are a little bit bigger we might go live in a third world country just like I did when I was little and it has shaped and made me the person I am today. My partner and I are still young so we have plenty of time and energy to get all these things done in our life time.

When the boys start primary school I would love to have another chance at having a baby. (I hope and pray it’s only one but if it’s multiples again I’ll be a professional as I have already had the boys) which has been hard and easy at the same time. I just have to convince my partner to try have another baby with me, but he’s not really yet.

I have enjoyed the first half of 2018 and how that good things start coming our way in the next half of the year. At the moment we are having a few things go wrong like my partners car braking down, getting in an accident and have two flat tyres. We have also had 3 punctures in my cars tyres which we brought 4 new ones to put on as my partner could get to work. I feel like we had one more thing happen but can’t remember what it was . It always happens in threes.

Always look on the brighter side of life

Talk soon