The most important people are FAMILY MEMBERS 

I have been thinking about this for a while but FAMILY MEMBERS are the most important people as they stick around no matter what or where you go in life. I have been feeling really lonely down on the Mornington Peninsula while all my immediate family members are up in the CBD Melbourne City. I know I have a car and I can travel but it’s not the same when we use to live around the corner from each other. I miss how close we used to be, the time will come again when we will live hopefully around the corner from each other when the HOGA HOUSE will be built and complete so that my family can watch the boys grow up in front of them rather than from a distance or via a computer screen or smart phone. I try to keep everyone in the loop about what the boys have been doing and what is up coming for the boys and I.

FAMILY MEMBERS are more important to you when you are in another state and are feeling left out and a lonely even though you have your friends there if you need them but it just doesn’t feel the same. You travel down so that you can spend time with your family as you never know when your last days are apon you so make the most of the life you have, slow down from your busy lives and just stand still and watch the world go by as you never know when it’s the end. (Smells the roses as the saying goes, and they are 100% right. Just slow down and take everything in so you don’t miss a thing.)

I know that I have a lot of friends but when you become a mother your world as you know it stops and another one starts, the new life you have is to provide and look after your newborn baby or babies. Even though you need your friends more then ever when you become a mum they slowly start to disappear. You feel ever so lonely as once you would just get in your car drive to your friends house and talk for hours now a days you can’t do that as you are constantly watching your child/children so it’s hard to keep a conversation going and to catch up on everything in each other’s lives.

If you have sisters or brothers please don’t take them for granted. I have the best two sisters in the world who are really good aunties who love and cherish the boys just like there own children. When the boys see the girls they get so excited and they jump right out of their car seats just so they can say hello to the aunties. My sisters absolutely love being aunties as they get to play and spoil the boys as much as they want which I love. I love watching my sisters with the boys as it makes me feel happy and excited. When the boys see my Dad and Mum they seriously jump out of the seats and run up and give them such a big hug that you can see the love exploding right out onto everyone else who might be around them.

I would like to thank my MOTHER IN LAW and SISTER IN LAW for having us pretty much every night visiting and making a mess of your house. I’m glad I found your son and Brother as you both have welcomed me and my family into yours with open arms. I’m glad to call you my FAMILY MEMBERS as well.