Work Life Balance 

I have been working since the boys were 6months old, I feel like I have missed watching them grow up, missing the first time they crawled, sat up unaided, said their first word and took steps for the first time. I know that when I see it for the first time it’s my first time seeing it but I know that other people have seen it before me and I regret having to go back to work so quickly but financially we couldn’t have me stay at home no bringing money in so that is why I went back so early.

I have been wondering if it’s worth me working in childcare when I have my own children. I have to weigh up all the options to choose weather it’s worth the money and stress that it causes every week. I know I only work 3 days a week, I know both the boys and I would go crazy if we didn’t have something to do everyday outside of the house but the stress of working is causing me I feel like it’s not even worth my time, effort or money.

I would like to be a SAHM for the remainder of the boys next 4 years before they start school as I know that I will be working full time for the rest of my life as a mother, partner so that we can afford the

  1.  -Dream House we want
  2.  – A new car for the family trips / everyday car.
  3. –  The boys extra curricular activities after school.
  4. –  To afford school fees, uniforms, books, extra school excursions.

We are receiving Family Tax Benefits from Centrelink but as I have increased my income a little higher than a couple of weeks ago they have decreased my payment amount to pretty much nothing. It was a shock this morning to find a really small amount to the last fornights payment as I had really big plans for that money but when it’s not there you get a little stressed and worried if you can afford to feed and provide for your family. This has made this fornight really tight and stressful. Luckily my partner gets paid next Tuesday soo that saves the day.

I’m still looking at all my options for weather or not to start being a SAHM and receiving Centrelink payment on top of my Family Tax Benefit or to work to pay childcare fees, bills and groceries for my family unit. There must be a way where it works for both myself and my workplace to go 5 days with shorter hours and be able to have a home life balance with work. If you never ask for the option of working 5 days but shorter shifts you will never know what the answer will be. I will be writing an email to my place of employment and asking whether or not they can help me with working 5 days with shorter hours. I will let you know what the outcome will be.

I really wish that us Childcare Educators would be paid a lot more so that what we do everyday for our children and families would be worth it, I’m not saying that it’s not worth it now but we are the lowest paid career for the most important job we do with shaping the children of the future. The children learn more in the first 5 years of their lives than they do in their own entire lifetime. I understand that you continue to learn during your whole entire life but the first 5 years are the most important and valuable years of your life and your child/children’s.

I’m am so grateful for the village that I have surrounded myself with as each and every person has something different to offer the boys during their lives from when they were just born, toddler age , young child , teenagers , young adults, adults , when they are a parent themselves. I hope they continue to grow and learn how to be a nice, well manner, curtious person through out their lives as they grow up through the different ages and stages of life.

These are my two reason for everything I do during Motherhood and parenting. They make parenting the best decision I’ve made during my whole entire life. I hope to have more chances to become a mother again. If I can’t fall pregnant again I will be ever so happy with my two miracle twin boys who are the light of my life.

Advice and loving words for my Village who help raise these boys with my partner and I.

I hope that my sister get to experience motherhood as it’s the best and most rewarding job in the whole entire world. I now know why my Mum become a mother to me and my two younger sisters as it’s most rewarding job you will ever do in and through your life.

This working and providing for your own family unit is very stressful and hard work to balance the budget, the job, keeping the boys happy feed healthy meals and clothed, keeping the house clean and tidy, managing to keep everyone feed, happy and stress free

I’m so glad that I have the most amazing, generous, supportive, helpful family ie our VILLAGE that are also helping you partner and I raise,teach, support, nurture, guide, love, challenge and steer the boys and us a parents in the right direction through life

  I’m so grateful that I have two amazing sisters even though we drift apart when we get back together its like nothing has ever changed and we are always going to be the best of friends as our children will also be the very best of friends just like their mothers.