Spending time with Nanna Jude’s every Wednesday.

Every Wednesday my mum and I spend time together with the boys. We start the day off with a music class where we sing and do actions together with other mums and their child/children. At first the boys weren’t really interested in the class but as the term goes on and on they continue to amaze my mum and I at how far they have come from not participating to participating in every song.

At first we started off by only doing the class until they decided that they had enough, to where we have stayed the whole class and by the end they were not ready for the class to end as they wanted more music. I have enjoyed doing these music classes to see how far they have come from no attention span to a huge attention span. By them doing this class it has shown me that they are learning more, understanding more, being confident in group settings, love music and participating with instruments and hopefully they get more confident with using their language and getting more words to be able to communicate with others as well as each other.

After music class we sometimes go and have coffee with my sister while she is at work. Sometimes we travel down to Frankston where we live and we spend time cooking together while the boys sleep. We take the boys to the park or just for a walk around our neighbourhood but we mostly end up at the park.