Meal planning

So I have just decided that I’m going to start meal planning. Maybe even freeze the leftovers so we have a meal to take to work or have when we can be bothered cooking. I have planned 2 weeks so that I know what we are having and I don’t have to think about what we are cooking after a long day at work or looking after the boys. I know this is what my mother used to do when I was a kid so I might give it a try as well.

I feel like it’s going to work because I’ll know how much food I have left over for the fortnight, planning ahead so we don’t run out of food or nappies for the fortnight. I have been doing a fortnight shop at ALDI but we run out of food by the start of the second week.

Planning ahead is the key to a easy and happy enjoyable life. I now understand Lite and easy as it’s easy just go out it out of the freezer or fridge. We also cooked pretty much every night of the fortnight which is amazing effort for us as I sometimes get really lazy and can’t be bothered cooking. I cook for the boys but sometimes my partner and I don’t eat dinner. We just have a sandwich or something easy but we actually cooked every night that fortnight. Which still amazes me.

Well that fortnight shopping went well and we made it really close to the next fortnight but we were a few days short. When we go shopping this fortnight we will be getting more food so we can last the whole fortnight through with our meals. I will be writing a list and getting everything on it so that we can last the fortnight without running out of food.

This idea worked until we had a bump in the road and then this is when it all fell apart but we have picked ourselves up and have attempted to start again with meal planning

Will keep you posted

Blog soon