I have been trying to lose weight for a while now but I’m addicted to “Sugar” I just love it. This week I’m going to try really hard to go for walks with the boys, I’m also going to try and stop drinking ” Soft Drinks” if I need a soft drink I’ll go for a Diet soft drink with no sugar but lots of chemicals. I know that I should just drink water maybe I need to put some lemon in it as well as mint leaves or something to make it appealing for me to drink.

This week coming I will be going for walks every day even after work when I’m so tired I just want to crawl into bed but no I have to make this my goal for the week so I can continue going for walks all year round. I got weighed the other day while at the hospital with Spencer, were I weighed 93 kgs which has been a while since I have been there which was so exciting when I found out that’s what I weigh. I’m so excited that I have started to lose weight again. I have been walking again. I also have a Fitbit charge 2 that has changed my outlook on walking. I enjoy knowing how many steps I have taken during the day. It’s a fun and interactive way to keep exercising.

I am still trying to give up sugar. I am doing around 15,000 steps per day, doing things around home and running around after the boys which I love doing. I will start on Monday and be sugar free by the end of MARCH 2018. I know it’s not going to be easy but I have looked at myself in the last couple of days and I feel like I’ve put on weight again.

“I pledge to try be “SUGAR FREE” by the end of MARCH.”

I’m going to start from tomorrow onwards to be “SUGAR FREE” I will need all of you to support me in this pledge. I hope you can help me.

I succeeded for about a week and then hit the sugar band wagon again. Going to try again and again if it doesn’t work this time. It’s not failing but getting back up brush the sugar off and start again and again until it sticks and I give up sugar for every.

Continuing from the 5th of March to quit sugar.

Wish me luck.

I’ll post more on this “I QUIT SUGAR” lifestyle until I succeed and stick to “NO SUGAR LIFESTYLE”

Blog soon