Alannah and Dave’s Engagement Speech by Me

This is the speech I wrote for my sister and soon to be husband on their Engagement. But didn’t even up giving it so here’s the speech Alannah and Dave.

Congratulations again.

Welcome to the Hogan Family Dave, we already class you as part of our family but it will be official soon.

As I stand here in front of you all as we celebrate the engagement of Dave Batho and Alannah Hogan on the 2 of January 2018. Today we celebrate with an engagement party on the 24th of February 2018.

I couldn’t be more overwhelmed, emotional, over the moon in excitement and happy for you both as you have both found the special “SOUL MATE” who you would love, cherish and enjoy each and every moment that you spend together for the rest of your lives together as a partnership.

Alannah, you are always encouraging Dave to be the best person he can be and supporting him during the tough and exciting experiences that you have achieved over the last couple of years since being together.

You both bring out the best in each other, keep achieving this Alannah and Dave as you will have a happy and exciting life together.

Dave you have brought out the best person Alannah can be. You are always encouraging Alannah to be the best person she can be and supporting her and encouraging her to do everything and anything she desires to in life

As Alannah’s oldest sister I would love to Welcome Dave and his family into the Hogan Family. We open our hearts, homes and give a big warm “Welcome to the Batho Family”

“Welcome to the Family!!

The Batho’s

Dave, I’m also very proud that Spencer and Patrick have an uncle as incredible, generous, kind, loving and caring person to be another “ROLE MODEL” for them to look up to and strive to become just like you so people can look up to when they are your age as you are always polite, welcoming and easy to speak with. Thanks for being a MALE ROLE MODEL in Spencer and Patrick’s lives now and always.

I’m so excited that your going to be my Brother in law and I’m so glad you picked Alannah to become your “WIFE” as she is an amazing, talented, supporting, encouraging partner who wants the best for you and herself for the rest

of your life together.

One day when you become parents your life will change again for the amazing time and you won’t even think about what you use to do as you are so happy and content with how your life turned out and how amazing, beautiful and little your child or children are if “GOD” decides that you are strong enough to become parents of twins just like Daniel and I. I will always be there to help you even if it’s just one baby as babies are hard work but rewarding. I am always a phone call away if you ever need my help or just want company. I will always be there for you both. Remember that I’m going to be the NANNY of your children so that you can still have the best of both worlds if you choose too.

I just want to end this speech with how much theses two are meant for each other as they compliment each other’s personalities and love and support each other every day. They make amazing partnership which they work on to keep everything together. Communication is the key for any partnership, keep up the great work Dave and Alannah.

Daniel, Spencer, Patrick and I hope you both have a happy and exciting life, marriage. You always talk and communicate with each other so that you are never going to fight or argue as you have team work on your side and always will.

Good luck with everything you want to achieve together in life and in love. You both deserve every happiness in the world.

PS. I do hope that I might be one of your bridesmaids or something special.

PPS. Maybe the boys could be the page boys or something special as well.

(But it’s up to you and Dave really)

Remember me when you have your own children as I am your nanny.