Broken Bones

So on Tuesday the 9th of January, Spencer had a fall at childcare which resulted in a broken arm. No one is at fault. It happens to anyone who puts their hands out to catch themselves so they don’t face plant, this is that he did. “Next time Spencer maybe roll onto your back so you don’t break your arm again please.” Mumma said. We went to the doctor then they sent us to the hospital so off we go get an X Ray then waited for a nurse to come and get us so the doctor could explain what the x ray showed, it obviously showed that Spencer had broken his arm but at first they said that it was a “buckle injury” which is a fracture if you do a google search, this Buckle Injury is what doctors call a fracture for children.

We have to stay in the cast for 3 weeks but it’s only a half cast so I’m expecting that we might have an on going injury. I hope not. This is really bad luck as it’s summer and they have just found a love for swimming and the water. I have found that having a child in pain is hard as they wake up a few times a night crying in pain. Hard to help them as they want to be asleep but they are in pain. I haven’t had a broken bone myself so not sure what it feels like. I feel like I need to get a full cast on his arm not just beings half cast. If anyone knows about broken bones could you please comment and tell me that I’m doing everything that I can do for him.

I think Patrick is feeling a little left out as everyone else is helping Spencer as he only has one arm. I think I need to spend some time one on one with Patrick so he feels included as Spencer has had 2 days one on one with me. It’s Patrick’s turn now. Maybe I should take him to Paw Patrol by himself while Spencer spends time with Dad. Paw patrol is tomorrow at a Karingal Shopping Centre in Victoria on the Mornington Peninsula.

This broken bone has made me realise that my partner and I need to spend one on one time with each boys every week doing something different each time we have our special day. We also swap children each week so they get the same amount of time with each parent so it’s equal.

Spencer and Patrick also just celebrated their birthday on the 12th of January, the day before their birthday is their nanny’s birthday so they get to celebrate all together.