2018 is my year

During the year next year starting in January every time I get paid I will be buying a GIFT CARD to spend at Christmas time so I won’t be stressed about where I will be getting the money for everyone’s Christmas presents. Especially the boys. I can’t wait to start this as it’s a way of saving.

I’m thinking about doing Tupperware so that I can bring more money into the household so that we can live comfortably and pay off debt and save for a house and holidays. I think it’s a very good idea. I can only try and see what it’s all about. My friend who lives on the Gold Coast has quit her full time job and now concentrating on her Tupperware business.

I think Tupperware will be for me to find some new friends as well as make some money. Tupperware sounds like it would be fun and for me to thrive within the company as in childcare I’m not climbing the ladder as I feel like I’m not good enough.

Anyone reading this post would anyone buy Tupperware products? And who would host a party for me to become a better consultant?