Blogging for a year

I have spoken to two bloggers. Both of them have given me different ideas and information about blogging. I’m am loving that I have this time for myself to be able to share my thoughts with you all. I know some people like keeping their lives private but I enjoy writing about my life or aspects of it.

I have twin boys who in a couple of months are going to be turning TWO. I still can’t believe this. I have been writing this blog for a year an a half and absolutely loving it. If you have any questions or topics that you would like me to cover as a TWIN MUM let me know.

Being a Twin Mumma:

A bit about being a TWIN MUM, well it’s just that you have two children that are ONE minute apart in age. Which Spencer will never let Patrick live that down. But I do hope that my two boys will be the best of friends for their whole entire life as family are always there friends come and go. “Family First Spencer and Patrick.” Mumma said

When the boys were little babies you just did everything twice and sometimes you still do but now that they have opinions and words they tell me what they need and want and sometimes I don’t understand what they would like or need so we have a argument about the object until we both understand what each of us need or want.

I absolutely love being a mother to these special gorgeous little boys who both are totally different in their own ways. I enjoy that they are total opposite from one another which makes life a little bit more rewarding, exciting and interesting when it’s just us three which is most of the time. My partner wants me to go back to work full time so that he gets to spend time with his boys but I have work since 2005 in childcare and I think it’s about time that I reap some rewards from working then having babies.

When we first found out that we were having Twins. It was the shock of the world as our world was flipped upside down literally. I am still in shock that I have two babies and some people have one or none. This subject still plays on my mind every single day and I am blessed with love and support from friends and family in heaven as well as down on earth. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone if it does please let me know ASAP.

Blessed and being watched from up high:

Totally blessed with being able to have babies because I have always thought that I wouldn’t be able to as I tried for many years but nothing then my partner for life showed up and a year later we were pregnant. Until we found out it was Twins. I had the best pregnancy according to my family and friends.

No morning sickness, a little bit of swelling, lost weight and worked in childcare up until 33 weeks. By the end I was so tired and doing shorter hours but still working as hard as I would if I wasn’t pregnant as I was on the late shift and the last two educators out of the building every night at SEVEN O’CLOCK. Even though it’s meant to be six thirty when the last child or children leave.

We couldn’t leave the centre dirty for the morning staff as we were considerate of others and what needed to be done to make the place run smoothly and everyone felt like it was their home away from home as we were family(educators felt comfortable with each other just like your own family does) it was a lovely feeling to be loved, wanted and needed. Miss the old days.