Night waking 

So we have just got to 21 months now and the boys have just started sleeping through the night, which is amazing and so helpful for myself as I work 3 days a week soon to be more if we need more money. I don’t really want to work more but at least the boys are with me at the centre I work at as I work in childcare. They boys absolutely love coming to work with me as they scream and yell with delight when we pull up in the car park. Which is what you want, as a parent you feel like you’re doing the best thing for your children when they get excited to go to childcare and play/learn at the same time. 

After we get home from work we are very tired but still very active, we spend time outside until it’s 6 o’clock when it’s dinner time were we all sit down as a family and eat dinner, while helping  the boys with their dinner if they are dirty from a big day we have a shower, get dressed and hope into bed with a story read by yours truly, only if they don’t want to read that book themselves as sometimes the boys enjoy looking at the pictures in the books a by themselves which is a great but I enjoy reading to them after a long day as when you are working you don’t get to spend the time you need or want with them.  So reading to them is my way of spending time with them even though they don’t relise it just yet, but as they get older they will. I hope. 

Our routine at night starts off with 



Getting dressed 

Getting into our sleeping bags 

Reading a story or two

Soft music playing with a night light 

Saying good night with a kiss

Turning off the lights

Shut the door and walk away 
This routine works well for us, I don’t know how they have started sleeping through the night but I’m greatful that I don’t have to get up and distrub my sleep during the night. We have also cut out the night time before bed bottles which is amazing as they would wake up during the night wanting a bottle not anymore it’s been 7 days and it’s going to continue from now on. I hope everyone follows this, if they don’t were back to square one with not sleeping through the night. 

On the 5th of November I went to the Races with some of the girls from work and I really enjoyed time away from the boys but I missed them and when I picked them up they wanted me and wouldn’t let go. I love when that happens. What do you all think about SLEEPOVERS?