Christmas time is a stressful time for myself

Well Christmas time for me is stressful as I have so many people to buy presents for and so little money. I’m not sure how I can manage to do it this year. But I will try. We are also going on a road trip to Newcastle NSW for Christmas to visit my Mum’s family and we don’t know if we will have enough money to get there either. As you can imagine I am stressing about it. I still have to pay all the bills as well. I have layby on but not sure if I will be able too pay them off before Christmas. As they are my Christmas presents.

I also don’t think my partner has brought me anything yet for Christmas. I knew that he wouldn’t be able too but I thought that he might have put some money away for Christmas presents. (Oh well another year I don’t get anything. ) I know that’s not the sprit of Christmas but I put 100% in our relationship and I feel like he puts in 50% or less. I do love him but I would love to be spoiled with presents. Maybe next year, not holding my breath.

I am also making my family Christmas presents from my heart. I hope that they love them and appreciate them. From now on during the year I will be purchasing GIFT CARDS so that at the end of the year I will have Christmas presents as well as gift cards to purchase toys for the boys and food as well. It’s time during the year to get ready for Christmas at the end of the year. I need and want to be prepared.

How do you get organised for Christmas presents, food and what ever else needs to be thought of during Christmas time?