Feeling lucky to have love

I feel lucky that I have found my partner we celebrated our three year anniversary on the 27 of September 2017. When my partner asked me to be his girlfriend when we were at the top of Arthur’s Seat. I of course said YES and the rest is history.

I met my partner through a friend i went to school with and we all hung out and my partner and I got to know each other. One night when I had to go home as I had work the next morning, he walked me to my car and I kissed him and then we started talking from that moment and we never stopped talking, we met up at a park and talked about what we wanted in our lives.

I want to travel and live overseas with my family, as that is how I grew up, in a third world country and really enjoyed my childhood as I leant that others are human and that we treat each other equally and with respect so that is how I would like my family to grow up as well, children need to be children and get dirty and messy without having people telling them how to grow up and all the stresses that parents make children stress about at a young age, that’s wrong just let children be happy, healthy and stay a child not an adult.

My partner and I have made it through twenty months of raising our twin boys, we had ups and downs but we stayed Strong even though it was a hard time. We are stronger than ever and I am enjoying living with him and the boys. We are becoming a better partnership than we were before.

I am so excited and happy that I have my partner who I consider to be my best friend for life as he has always been there for myself and the boys through thick and thin. We appreciate you very much DADDY you are our rock and I hope I’m your rock as well. We can’t imagine life without you as none of the things we have achieved would of come true.

Thanks for loving us unconditionally as we love you unconditionally too.





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