Language development

As you know the boys haven’t started talking yet but they are getting there, maybe I need to talk more as I’m not a big talker so this is a GOAL to show the boys they are my pride and joy. Hopefully this will start them talking or saying words after I say them when I’m looking at them face to face.

My partner and I are the boys role models for the boys, to show them that in this world that we live in is Amazing but you just have to find the right people, places and things that you need or want in your life.

1. Always use your manners Please and Thank you. They really help.
2.Repeat it’s like your a broken record.
3. Point to the object that you are talking about, and say the name so they can try say it as well
4.Reading to them and explaining the pictures
5. Talk with them and try get them to say words they know.
6. Just talk all day long so they can hear words being spoken
7. It will happen, just be patient with your child/children.
8. Be excited when they start saying words that you can’t and can understand
9. Be a role model
10. Go with the flow

The boys have started saying more words. (Spencer said two words this afternoon. He said “The Ball” it was the most amazing thing hearing words from his mouth) (Patrick isn’t really saying any words except for “MUM”. I love hearing my name.)