Exercise and having motivation to keep going

When I go for a walk, I put the boys in the pram, put my sunnies on, headphones in and turn my the workout music that gets me motivated to move and keep moving. I am going to start going for a walk every day Morning or Night after work. I am tired of being this size, I know I have come along way but I still have a long distance to travel to get to my happy place with weight loss and what my body looks like.

Starting on the 30th of September I will walk for an hour with or without the boys and Partner as I am doing this for myself and no one else. My partner loves me for the person I am but I’m not happy with the person I am. I need his support with my walking. I would like to lose some weight off my legs so they are a little bit more toned than they are now. I wish I could afford to join a gym but at the moment I can’t. I just have to walk and do exercises that concentrate on the area of my body I want to workout.

I have eighty three days until we travel to Newcastle for Christmas so I will pledge to walk every day until we leave for the trip. I need to not take my two strong legs for granted as my mumma has broken her leg while skiing and now she is practicing to be able to walk again. I will use these legs until my mum is back up and walking as then we can walk together which would be a great way to spend time with my mumma and baby boys.

The boys enjoy walking as they get to notice the environment and surroundings around them while they sit and watch the world go by while I’m pushing them and walking around our neighbourhood. I am enjoying living so close to the peninsula link trail which I will walk tomorrow on GRAND FINAL day where the Adelaide crows vs Richmond tigers. I have never been on the trail before and I’m looking forward to walking the trail together with the boys.

I just want you all to know that I have been with my partner for THREE YEARS so far and we are still learning from each other, enjoying each other, loving each other, learning how to stay calm in stressful situations and just letting them float over the top of you without it bothering you with its nasty comments. I love having my little family.

First item:
I had my partner,

Second item:
The twin boys came on the 12/01/16 via C-section as it was the safest way for them to enter the world.

Third item:
Grateful for having my family around helping raise my twin boys in the last TWENTY MONTHS.

Four item:
Walk every day for eighty three days.

Fifth Item:
Tone my thigh muscles and lose some extra weight from my thighs with squats and wall sits.

Sixth Item:
Healthier eating for the family.