Biting, Motherhood and everything in between

I’m sorry about the last blog about this issue. I must of been not thinking and pasted it in here. I didn’t mean to steal someone else blog it was my reading material, and wasn’t meant to be posted.


When I first noticed that they were biting was when one of the two bit me on my knee and I bit them back as I reacted. I didn’t bit them hard but I still did. All the articles and blogs I have read have said not to bite them back. I spoke to some of my work colleagues about this and they just said to notice the signs of when they look like they are going to bite and redirect them to another activity. I have been doing this and they haven’t bitten in a long time.

They have stopped before they got worse which I am over the moon about. It must be all the attention I have been given them lately without worrying about the housework, Washing and all the other stuff us “Mothers” have to do.

Providing same amount of attention

I have been trying to be the best person, mother, partner I can be as everyone needs me to be on the top of my game. Even if I’m not feeling well I still have to get up and get the boys dressed for the day and play with them and distribute the same amount of attention to both boys as they need me as they can’t :

* Get themselves dressed yet
* Get breakfast
* Get themselves a drink
* All the normal stuff that us adults take for granted.


” Motherhood is a choice you make every day to put someone else’s happiness and well being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you’re not sure what the right thing is and forgive yourself, over and over again, for doing everything wrong ”

I have learned a lot about “Motherhood in the last 20 months that the boys have been on this earth for and it’s not all glamorous like you see in the movies. I am very lonely, happy, excited for when they achieve milestones. Motherhood is an amazing opportunity that I have been given and I’m trying to be the best person and mother I can be. I’m glad that I made the best decision to go through with this pregnancy as the boys have made my parents and sister so much closer. These boys also have been able to give my partner’s mother, sister and himself the strength to leave the domestic abuse that they have put up with for their whole life.

When we found out we were pregnant I was about 5 or 6 weeks along and I was so excited, nervous, happy. The first ultrasound was when we found out that we were not having one but two babies (twins). It was such a miracle that we were given two beautiful baby boys to protect, nourish, happy, healthy, teach them about the world we live in, teach them respect, to listen and turned around when their name is called the first time, love, manners, integrity, commonsense, to read, to speak, be positive not negative, stranger danger,to be thankful, teach the boys to tie their own shoes, for the boys to dress themselves, empathy, tell the truth, self respect, self esteem, confidence and enjoy your life as it the only one you have.

Working life/ Learning experiences

I have been working in Childcare since 2005 when I started looking into what I would like to do after I finish High School so in my VCAL YEAR 12 I decided to go and do a Certificate I in Community Services and during that course I realise that I had a passion for children so I continue in the field of Children Services. In 2006 I completed my Certificate III in Children’s services, after I did this course and the placement that was required as part of the course I got a full time job in a childcare centre in Sommerville. I stayed at this childcare centre until I was made redundant at the age of 21 years old.

When this happened I went and worked for my father in his business packing COFFEE into bags and dispatching to cafes in Melbourne and Sydney. I worked for him for about 18months then went to Europe to visit my sister who was over there studying in Italy. I was also engaged to a man at this time as well, he didn’t come to Europe as it was a family trip. I also had Lap Band in May of this year and while overseas I got down to 87 kilos which I had never been in my life while living in Australia as the food here is so delicious and in abundance not like in Papua New Ginuea.

While in Italy I had time to think about if I wanted to MARRY the man I was coming home too. I did have my doubts but I stuck by him until We made a big decision about moving interstate to Perth, Western Australia to live together with our Border Collie dogs Sophie and Roo. Before I took my whole life and moved it all the way over to the other side of Australia. I went to visit as he moved over in January and I was going to make the move in July. On my weekend over in Perth he picked me up from Perth Domestic Airport in his HQ Kingwood Ute. I enjoyed seeing him and Roo as he never went anywhere without Roo. Him and roo were standing there waiting for me to come out of the Airport terminal. It was a great weekend and didn’t want it to end but I had to come back to Melbourne.

In July I think it was I moved over found a job. A couple of days later I had a funny feeling in my stomach so I checked his phone and there was a message from a girl. I messaged her and asked her to meet up so I could ask her face to face. He was telling us both different stories. I decided that I was worth more than what he had done and I could never MARRY a guy that would cheat on his fiancée.

Lucky my dad was over in Perth at the same time so I called him and said you need to help me leave as I’m not staying here. I want to come home please. He booked me a flight and we hung out for a week travelling around the Margaret River, I drove so he could do tastings of the wines. Then we both came home and I got my old job back as I had an awesome, Amazing boss. Im grateful that I have learnt a lot in the 30 years I have been on planet earth.

Thanks Mum and Dad