Enjoying writing this blog

I am really enjoying writing this blog and showing family,friends and other people my insight into being a person, partner, childcare educator and mother to twin boys.I am enjoying my life now more than anything else I have experience. My dream of being a mother has come true thanks to my partner who I only met in 2015 and from there we have grown as people and have become parents to Spencer and Patrick who are our pride and joy and have made our lives so much enjoyable than they were. I can’t remember what life was like before you two amazing little boys came along.

Spencer and Patrick you have brought myself and my family closer to each other than ever before and I’m really grateful that you choose Daniel and I to be your parents as you both have made all our lives happier, exciting and enjoyable each and every day. I hope you realise that you have a lot of people who love you unconditionally, your Grandad and Nana think you are the best little boys and have made them more in love with you as they were when they had myself, your Aunty Lu Lu and Aunty Shi Shi.

Also your Aunties Alannah,Siobhan and Jessie all love you boys and are always looking after your wellbeing. I hope that you both understand that these three women will always be there when you can’t or won’t talk to your dad or myself. Your Uncle Lachie will always be around for you two if you need a male to talk to. He is just a call away. Just remember this please and contact them if and when you both need them.

Your Nana can’t wait until she is walking again so that Grandad and herself can’t wait until they can look after you two while I have to go to work and look after other parents children as they have to work and put their child or children in childcare so that we educators can look after them, care, love and support them while their parents are at work.


When I started this blog it was to show people about my MAGIC BEANS. I was taking and how they help me with more energy, stronger hair, stronger nails, better skin. I had to stop taking them as I had other things that I need rather than my MAGIC BEANS but in the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about purchasing the MAGIC BEANS again and going helter skelter with showing others the benefits of the MAGIC BEANS. I really want the MAGIC BEANS to help others so that I can stay at home with the boys all the time while helping others and getting paid to show others the amazing benefits of the MAGIC BEANS.

Here are my blog stats. I am forever grateful for the family and friends who are following me and reading my blog which is about my life. Here in this blog I have stats and I can view them every day,week, month, year to see how far my blog is reaching and how much it’s getting read. I really wanted to show you about the stats and countries that my blog is being view. Here are the stat pictures:


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How many times this blog is visited.

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