My time at High school

A little bit about myself:

When I arrived home from PNG I started year seven at high school in Term Two, this was a hard transition for me as everyone already had their own friends that they probably went to primary school with. I had no one as I started a week or two after the second term of school started. This meant that I had to be buddies with another child that was in my class so that they could show me around the school and hang out with me during recess and lunch. I formed a group little friendship group with two girls and we would celebrate our birthdays by someone organising to making cupcakes for the birthday girl, for all of us to eat at recess.

At the end of year for Christmas holidays we would all go our separate ways and come back in the new year I was excited to still be friends with the girls I met at the start of the year but now we are in year 8 so it seems that the girls I thought I was going to still be friends with, got popular over the Christmas holidays so I was left searching for new friends again at the start of year 8.

I started hanging out with some of the girls from my home room class and we seemed to get on well so our friendships continued through the year. I wasn’t left friendless. That made me feel better about high school after finding these girls.

I had to catch the bus to and from school. I would get on the bus and one boy would pick on my weight, he was just saying it to myself but the whole bus so I would get so embarrassed about what he would come up with next. This made the bus ride to and from school really unenjoyable. He would pick on my weight every day, with him doing this made me feel hurt so I consciously put on more and more weight because I would just eat my feelings as I wasn’t being treated with respect. You think that he would of been skinny but he wasn’t that little (if you get what I’m saying)

Im not sure if I stood up for myself or someone else said something. I can’t remember as I have blocked it out as it really made me think I wasn’t worth anything, so this is where my life went down hill from, I didn’t respect my body as I just ate every day a quarter pounder with chicken nuggets on top of the meat burger from McDonald’s, I would have one every day after I started working at a childcare centre as I got my certificate 111 at the end of 2005. I was getting bigger and bigger even though I thought I looked good. I now look back on photos and I am disappointed and disgusted in myself for letting those little words ruin my life.

I don’t remember what happened during year 8 to year 10 but I know what I did in year 11 and 12 I did a course called VCAL and all my classmates were amazing and we all got on so well. While still at school I studied Community services cert 11, then I choose Children Services so in Year 2005 when I finished high school I went to tafe to studied my Certificate 111 in Children Services, I have now completed my Diploma of Children Services and have been in at my current employer for seven years.

I am really enjoying childcare as it just comes naturally to me. I love the children in my care as if they were my own pride and joy, the parents don’t really want to leave them in childcare but they have to as we all have to work as life and children are expensive combinations.

I just wish that I was strong enough to let his words just wash over me but I am quite a sensitive person who takes everything personal but I am learning not to take it personally as it’s not a reflection of you but about the person who is bullying you.
The words of wisdom I have for others who are getting bullied just walk away from them as they can’t hurt you if you can’t hear them.

In 2010 I had lap Band surgery as I was morbidly obese. I was 120 kgs and now done to 90 kgs and still losing weight because of my beautiful baby boys.

Twin mumma Cait

At my sisters deb


At my cousin hens night