When will my Twins start talking? 

I am a Twin Mumma of Spencer and Patrick who are now twenty months old and were born four weeks early so they are classified as being premature until they turn two in January on the 12th.

I am I bit worried that they haven’t started talking yet, the boys are saying a few words but i think that it’s all in my head that I am hearing them say words but they aren’t really saying the word or words in the first place my ears are playing tricks on me. I think it’s just that I really want them to start communicate using words rather then them making a grunting and whiney sounds that they are using at the moment for asking for the item/items they would like.

I don’t think they are delayed in using their words just yet. I not going to go to a speech pathologist yet as they might just do it all in good time. I think that they might just be waiting for the perfect time to start using words to communicate with everybody. I find that they know what you are saying to them and if you ask for them to go get a toy and bring it back to you they will do this instruction and continue to listen to each and every instruction that I have asked of them during the day which is the first sign of a type of communication skills.

Next they just need to start using words to communicate with us. They know these words

  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Cheese
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Ta
  • Nan

I think that is the extent of their words. We will continue to provide and practice more words with the boys so they learn how to communicate with words that they learn from every experience they continue to have together and apart.

I am just waiting and hoping for some words that will come out of their mouths clearly and pronounce properly. I am constantly talking to them about what I’m doing and what everything is called. Can you please give me some advice on this subject please?