Twin Mumma Life 

Hey I need to apologise immensely for it being a very long between blogs. I would like to tell you what we have been doing, Well I am working two days a week in childcare and looking after the boys,  maintaining a home for my partner and boys, finding time for myself in between all these other tasks but it never happens to come true. I don’t have much time for myself nowadays but the boys and I always seem to be doing something when we don’t have to go to work or childcare. 

I am really enjoying just working two days a week, Because my real and more important job is looking after the boys every other day. I will be honest here, the boys are becoming a bit of a demanding handful some days but I just have to work out the way that the boys will listen to my words and move away from the naughty or activities that make them become disobedience and not doing what they are told. 

I know that they are only 19 months but they do understand what I am saying for them to do as they start to do it then they get distracted and then they move on to another activity or game they are still not aloud to do. I have work out that if you sit down with an activity that they enjoy and respect that will stay sitting for a little longer than they did a couple of weeks ago when they were a little younger. 

I have been staying in my little well known bubble with the boys and not stepping out of my comfort zone but I am feeling a little bit sorry and sad for myself but I’m doing it too myself so I don’t have anyone else to blame but myself so from next week onwards we are going to start going for walks around the area that we have just moved to. We are also going to go to the community centre and have a look around so we can join in with the activities that are available for us so that I Caitlin can start to make some amazing friendships with new mothers in the area. 

I would like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to all the MOtHERS all around the world with us and watching over us. You are all doing an amazing, awesome, magnificent, hard, always rewarding, loving, caring JOB raising your wonderful children even if they sometimes are hard work and want to give up. 

My partner, boys and I are planning on going to the Melbourne Zoo on Sunday as our first family outing without anyone else, which will have it challenges and rewards. I’m looking forward to going and seeing the boys faces when they see all the animals at the Zoo. 

I haven’t changed the boys routine from when they were a bit younger which worked well then but now they have been waking up during the night which annoys me but that is what being a mother is, getting up from your sleep to help your child go back to sleep. Should I try changing their routine a little now that they are a little bit older? 

Here goes about time to yourself: 

  1. I would love to get my nails done 
  2. Eyebrows waxed
  3. Hair coloured 
  4. Go shopping 
  5. Seeing friends 
  6. Not getting intrupted from a good nights sleep. 
  7. Not getting annoyed by or at my partner.
  8. My partner to leave me alone for a few hours for peace and quiet from everyone 
  9. Going for a swim, run, walk by myself 
  10. Going to the movies with a twin mother so we both can have alone time. 

How do you manage everything in your life to get done so you don’t have to do it and not getting yourself time.? 

I would like some feedback please as you might have better time management skills and could share them with me so I can get a little bit more in control and oraniszed for each day of the week so that we’re going to work on time and with little or no stress. 

Do you get Stressed by being a mother? 

Do you think you are doing not a good job? 

Do you find your friends have disappeared now you have children?

I always have to get validation that I’m doing the most amazing job raising the boys, does this happen to you as well?