Trying to find my balance in everything

I have been a working mum since they were six months old and I struggle to leave them every day but I knew that they were in such safe and capable hands being with their Aunty who loved them like her own, I am absolutely blessed to have her in mine and their lives. We all feel guilty for leaving them so young but I now get to spend every day with the boys as they attend the childcare centre that I have worked at for the last seven years and I absolutely love being there looking after all the other parents children just like they’re my own so that when the parents go to work they know that their children are getting looked after just like I would look after my own children.

 Getting the whole work life balance to equal is a very hard task which takes a while to balance it. At the moment I’m only working two days a week and my work/life balance is working out perfectly for my partner, the boys and I at the moment. When you find it don’t pressure yourself to think that you need to do more at work. You don’t as they managed while you were away on maternity leave with your baby or babies. Just get your perfect balance of your work/life balance. 

Both my partner and I are trying to be supportive towards one another as we sometimes don’t think about the other person feelings. I feel like now that we have responsibilities and a little house to look after we are working together more as a WE than an I. We used to be I a lot but now we are still learning to work as a WE. I’m really enjoying living with my partner and the boys under our own roof and I love that we are working as a team so much better now than we were before living here.

 Always going over and above to be an awesome friend. I am always contacting my old friends and waiting for the response but I get nothing from my old friends before babies. Not all of you but most of the you and that hurts my feelings as I’m always reaching out with the hand of friendships and I get nothing in return so I am going to stop annoying you so I will stop contacting you and conserntrate on the friends of mine that want me as a friend in their lives.