How I grew up in a Third World Country 

I have been in my well known  twin boy bubble for 19 months and I have met a few new MUMMY friends which I will treasure and adore and try and keep them in my life for many years to come so the boys have childhood friends to keep for their entire life.

I have lost all my childhood friends from when I was a little girl. I lost them as I moved to another country where I had to make new friends but I do wish I had or was in contact with them as it would be great to have connections with my old family daycare friends.

From now on I will get out of my comfort zone and experience what life has to offer so my boys don’t miss out on life. I want them to love and appreciate everyone equally like I do because of my amazing interesting experience through my life because of my parents.
Here is my story of my life from when I was five years old to the start of my thrirteen year.

The start of my glorious years in a:


I moved from a small country town in Australia called Quirindi in NSW to a third world country called Papua New Guinea which is neighbors to Indonesia. We started off in a town called “Port Moresby” which is the capital city of PNG. We stayed there for 2 years and I started primary school at a international school with the local children and expatriates like me. I did Prep and Grade 1/2 there then moved to another province in PNG called “Popondetta” which was a little town where we stayed for 3 years, I did Grade 2 ,grade 3 and 4 at the international school here with one of my sisters. We went to school with all the other children on a “big truck” they called this the hopple bus which they had to transport all of the school children from our compound where we lived to the school where the only teachers were my parents who taught us and the local children as well. I enjoyed being at school with my parents you would say that I was HOME SCHOOLED in a way.

We then moved for the last time but we didn’t know this until my parents made the decision about where to send me (Caitlin) for the start of the High School years. It was a province called “Goroka” which was in the mountains and it was cold during the morning but warmed up by the end of the day. We got to Goroka and made more amazing friends here, we played soccer, chased a “rascal” (theif as we call them in Australia) out of the school perimeter, as we live in a house on the property of the school, we didn’t have to walk that far to get to school at the last international school that we attended, he jumped over the fence and ran away with dress up (clothes)  as he had none and needed clothes so he stole from the pre schools room he never came back. Thank goodness as we were scared chasing him but we did it anyway, we did have a security gaurd but he didn’t last long at all as he was fired as he wasn’t doing his job at all.  Had a dog called DOG and a cat don’t remember what the cat was called and then we got another dog who thought I was good fun to chase us out the gate to school.

(Story about our experiences in PNG)

This happened when we lived in GOROKA

We have also been in the middle of a fight with had guns, spears, arrows and knives. My dad was so calm at this point and telling us to stop screaming, he said it very calmly. He then said if they are coming towards us we will go home, if they were behind us we would go to the( “Bird of Paradise”which is a hotel where we were going to have dinner.)  Guess where we were? That’s right you guess it right in the middle,  so my dad told us to duck inside the cab of the ute and not get back up until we were at the hotel where we were safe, he then got  out of the cross fire  as fast as he could and off we went to the Hotel for dinner.)

When it came time to decide about the next chapter in all our lives my parents didn’t take it lightly, they had to make a big decision for the whole family not just their first born child. The decision that they made wasn’t easy just like the one they made at the beginning of this adventure to take their family overseas to work and grow up knowing that there is a whole different and wonderful world outside Australia so in 2000 the overseas adventure of our lives came to a close when my sister and I got put on a plane to attend my uncles wedding in Melbourne where we would stay until my parents and younger sister would join us, it was only a couple of days later but felt like a life time.

We came home to Melbourne in 2000, where we moved into our grandparents my dads parents house, just in time for me to start high school at the beginning of Term 2 at Padua College in Mornington and not boarding school in Queensland. I really wanted to go to boarding school but now I’m glad I didn’t as I didn’t know how much I needed my parents around to help me during my time at high school.

Even though when I started high school I didn’t know anyone and it was a whole new world as I was use to seeing Papua New Guineans who are dark in skin colour and not many people with white or light coloured skin lived with us in PNG When we arrived back in Australia it was a big cultural shock and we felt like we didn’t belong for a couple of months but we got use to seeing Australians everywhere and it slowly became normal and we didn’t feel out of place and it became our home.

I’m very grateful, thankful, appreciate of my parents and what they have done for us their children. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks for letting us experience the things we have done in this life we are very appreciative for everything you have both done for us.

Love Twinmummacait