Getting out and about.  

Being a mother I’m always available for my children. Which is amazing because I love that they always need me, but sometimes I don’t get to have my time because having twins is rewarding but hard work. This is why I get out and about and go for a walk  so that both me and the boys can get fresh air and have a play at the park. I feel better about myself when I get out and so do the boys.

Today my sister and I went for a walk together with the boys we walked for a six kilometre walk/jog. I really appreciate spending time with my sister as family is really all you need as they support you one hundred percent.

I love spend time with family because they give me a break from being always available. Sometimes I get to go out for a walk in the frsh air by myself which is so uplifting because by the time I get back I feel well rested because I have my own time.

Sometimes when out walking I think about why I don’t have some friends that visit me and the boys but then I think that these two little men are my favorite part of life and wouldn’t change anything for the world. They make me, Me. If some friends don’t like that I have my boys then they aren’t friends then are they.  I’m so grateful for the friends that check up on me they make me feel like I’m worth something.


I’m sorry about the last little bit but that’s how I feel at the moment. I was just wondering if there is anything else I can do to be able to see my friends, I know that I need to msg and check up on them as well but I do this alot.

Getting out and about gets me over feeling down. I hope that my boys are always feeling loved and supported by Daniel and I.  My family matters the most.

Twin Mumma Cait