Finding out that we were having Twin boys. 

Don’t we have enough photos mummy.

When I found out I was pregnant I was happy, sad, anxious, excited, overwhelmed by every emotion possible. I was speaking to my best friend who told me that it’s going to be ok and you will be a great mum. I told Daniel who was in shock like I was but he told me that everything will work out. He was very supportive, he told me that he would support me either way. If I choose to keep being pregnant and have the baby or have an abortion. Which I am the kind of person who can’t end a little babies life so I decided to have the baby. This was when we thought we were only having one baby.

Playing together as brothers should
We went to the doctor the day after to confirm that we were going to become parents. She confirmed it by urine test at the doctor surgery.  She sent me off for a dating scan and blood test. I didn’t have the dating scan as as I couldn’t afford it at the time. The blood test came back positive that we were going to become parents. I was really scared to tell my own parents as I didn’t know how they would take the news so I just plucked up the courageto tell them that they were going to become grandparents which they were over the moon about and I shouldn’t have been scared. 

Being cared for by mummy when we get sick
After that we had our first ultrasound where the sonographer looked around in my uterus. He told us we weren’t just having one we were having two. (TWINS) as soon as we got to the car we called and messaged all family members to tell them the news. We all thought it was one baby but when we got the news that we were having two. Everyone was so much more excited about these babies coming into the world. I was scared that I wouldn’t know what to do as a mother but it all comes to you when you need it. They call it Mother’s Instinct.

When it came to giving birth the Obstetrician Doctor said that it’s easier to have a c section. I was in the theatre waiting to have a c section but had to have all these needles so that I couldn’t feel from my chest downwards. The first twin to come out was Spencer was born at 11.51am he weighed 2.9 kgs  and Twin 2 Patrick Jude was born at 11.52 am and weighed 2.5kg.  It was the other way around to what we had in our minds but we didn’t care as long as they were happy and healthy little boys. That is what I did and I didn’t have any complications, I was up and moving the very next day even though it hurt I wanted to see Spencer James and Patrick Jude who are my favorite baby boys. 

The boys spend two weeks in Special Care Nursery because they weren’tfeeding that well and they couldn’t go home until they knew how to suck a bottle as I was going to see if I could breastfeed but in the end mymilk supply didn’t come through so we stuck with formula as it was the easiest option as someone else could feed the boys while I had a sleep. This mummy would get very emotional if she was over tired, she would just cry at the drop of the hat so whenever a family member would come over they would tell me to go to bed so I did,  they also cooked dinner, lunch or even prepared breakfast for me as I couldn’t manage to do this for myself at the start. 

When it was time to take the boys home. I had to go to Daniel’s work pick up the car and the capsule so that I could bring them home. I was so excited about bringing them home. I asked a friend if she would help me bring the boys home as Daniel was working on providing for his new family. Which we really appreciate but I know we don’t show it to you. We are forever grateful for your hard work in supporting this family. 

I brought the boys home to where I grew up after coming home from Papua New Guinea in 2000. I lived in this house for 16 years and I was very excited to be bringing my children home to my family home. They had their first year in that house, the house we grew up in is getting knocked down this year so I’m glad that the boys got to experience the “Hogan House” before the new ones get built on the land that my Grandparents bought years ago. 

When it was time for us to move I found myself feeling very sad about having to move. I would miss being comfortable in my house with the boys. In the long run it was fine and I was just being sentiment about my childhood home being knocked down. 

In the next couple of months Daniel, boys and myself are going to be renting by ourselves for the first time. We are very excited about this opportunity as Daniel and I have become close as partners and we want to be able to provide a loving, caring environment for the boys without living with family. Don’t get me wrong it’s been great and I will miss being able to run down the street and get things from the shops withouthaving to get the pram out then strap one boy in and then get the other boy out and do the same. Having our own space will be amazing and all on one level will be even better then havingsplit level with stairs and hills to climb up to get home.

We are absolutely in love with you two beautiful little boys who have changed our lives forever. 

This is my personality

This is my personality