Bedtime Routine is down pat. 

I have done controlled crying for a whole week so I think that we have it down pat now and will continue it until they change their sleeping patterns again. 

The boys seem to be telling Daniel and I when they are tired and to put them into bed at that time and don’t wait until 7.30 when Daniel and I have decided that time is bedtime. 

The house we are in at the moment is just a six month lease. Daniel  and I are house hunting at the moment as we are moving out by ourselves without living with family members. Which both parties have agreed to as they want their own space as much as we do. Very exciting and a very big step in our relationship. 

Daniel and I have always been around family where it’s living with them or renting off them so this is a very big thing that we are doing,  I feel like our relationship with grow heaps more by living on our own. 

I can’t wait to decorate our house with our style. I hope that Daniel and I can agree on where things look better and that we don’t fight about the little or big things. I hope that we will work better as a family unit being on our own. 

I do hope that everyone comes over to visit as we enjoy having people/family come to visit us at home. We do enjoy going to other people house to but we also want family /friends see our home too. 

I am feeling a bit lonely at the moment as most of my friends don’t have time to come hang out with the boys and I. I know life is hard work but I am willing to work around your schedule so that we can catch up again as I am missing all my friends and family. I hope that one day a friend will contact me and want to catch up. 

Motherhood is amazing but I feel like you lose your friends because they think you are to busy for them but it’s actually the other way around. I am free Monday and Friday so friends who I haven’tseen in ages please pm me on Facebook or message me if you have my number. 

Twin Mumma Cait