Sixth Night continued

So tonight we are very early with our routine. But they will still be great with going to bed. They are really enjoying having one day sleep but today both Daniel and I had to do things so their nanny looked after them. 

When we got home they were just getting up. They had lunch, bath as they were messy, got dressed and played outside. We also went for a walk to the shops. When we arrived home we had a smoothie and played with dad. 

After that we decided to go for a drive and on the way back Spencer fell asleep 5 mins from home so hopefully he still falls asleep tonight. They are in bed reading their books so hopefully they fall asleep like they normally do.  

They wanted to go to bed at 7 so they are in bed not crying. As soon as the boys went down their little friend had come over but I didn’t get them out as they wanted to go to bed so I let them.

Half an hour later: 

Well they just woke up so as they are still sick i gave them some Nurofen and Sambucol ( which is all natural cough medicine) while they were in bed they cried for a little bit and now they are quiet and going to sleep. I didn’t budge with getting them up as that would ruin all my hard work that I have put into this controlling crying week. 

Twin Mumma Cait