Second Night 

Here I am again and we didn’t have any crying tonight as I put them into bed at 7.20. Had a little bit of reading time then went in 10 minutes later took the book off them said Goodnight, kissed them, told them “I love you” turned off the light and walked out closing the door. 

I was getting ready for the crying but it didn’t happen so I walked up to the kitchen and got my dinner and smiled to myself and said to their aunty “the boys are not crying tonight.” 

I am very pleased with myself for being ready to get them into a routine, not like they weren’t in one before but I think the boys got confused about what bedtime was and what time bedtime happens. 

Tomorrow they are going to childcare, I just hope that they are good little boys and they sleep on the little beds so they can move up to the next room as my boys are growing up. Which this mummy doesn’t want them too. 

I’m not getting to excited about how they have taken to this bedtime routine yet because tomorrow might be a completely different day. 

I will continue to blog it for you as you might want to do it with your child/children. Last night I went into their room and put the dummy back in,  laid them back down and told them mummy is still here, Goodnight. I continued to do this every 10 mins at the start then 15 and so on. 

Last night took 2 hours for them to go to sleep but tonight they knew that I meant business so they just went to sleep. 

Now I’m going to watch a movie and get ready for work, pack the boys bag for childcare and then go to sleep. I also need to separate the dinner I have made,  I’m going to freeze it so we have some healthy meal to consume for dinner so I don’t have to cook every night. 

What other mum/dads cook every night or every second? 

Twin Mumma Cait