First Night 

Tonight we have tried a new way of getting the boys to go to bed without having to drive around the neighborhood, let them play till all hours of the night. Tonight I started our bedtime routine a bit earlier than usual as they seem to be showing signs of tiredness. Tonight bedtime routine is as follows: 

  • 5 pm Dinner ( which they feed themselves) 
  • 5.15 pm Bathtime 
  • 5.30pm Pjs on and no tv on at wind down time. 
  • 6pm Bottle 
  • 6.15pm Bedtime. 

So I now know that this didn’twork as they cried on and off for an hour. Which isn’t too bad as it’s normally harder than that at bedtimes before I felt I was ready for doing controlled crying. 

I have been doing research for a while now on sleep training/cry it out/ controlled crying so I now know what is required of me and I am ready and able to do this with everyones support as its hard listening to your child/children cry but it’s for the best of both parties involved. 

My mother did controlled crying on me when I was 6 mths old and from then I sleep like a baby. I know the boys will too if they are anything like me. They are crying but I know that they are fine and will eventually end up going to sleep. They stop and start with the crying so I know that they are falling asleep. 

The crying has stopped but sometimes it starts again but stops within seconds of starting. I think they are asleep. 

I feel like a bad mummy but I know that in the long run it will be the best thing I can and will do for them because they need to be able to fall asleep when it’s bedtime because Daniel and I need to have our time together as we are both feeling unloved at the moment because the boys always come first which is what you do when you are parents. 

We need time to talk to each other after the boys are in bed as at the moment we are not getting this time. We love our boys very much and will do anything for them but we are forgetting about our relationship which I think is as important as the boys. 

Working hard on every aspect of life at the moment. 

So what I have learnttonight is that I shouldn’t start the bedtime routine at 5pm I should of waited until 5.30/5.45pm when we have always had dinner as its taken an hour and a half for them to stop crying. 

Tomorrows routine will look a little bit like this:

  • 5.30/5.45pm Dinner 
  • 6pm Bathtime
  • 6.30pm Pjs on
  • 7.00pm Bottle 
  • 7.15/7.30pm Bedtime as per every other day. 

Wish me luck. 

Twin Mumma Cait