Controlled Crying 

In the next coming weeks Daniel and I will be taking control of the boys bedtime as 11 o’clock is getting out of control. I am the first to admit that I struggle when the boys are still awake at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm when their bedtime is 7.30pm. 

Spencer and Patrick are now having one nap during the day which sometimes lasts up to 2 to 3 hours. Which is nice for me as I sometimes have a nap myself or ask a friend to come over, do some washing, unpack the dishwasher/repack it as well. 

I will be trying to do controlledcrying so that the boys learn to fall asleep on their own as this is a skill that is needed during your lifetime. 

  1. Our goals for this sleep training:

  1. Teach Spencer and Patrick how to fall asleep on their own and self-soothe

  2. Teach them how to sleep through the night without a bottle

  3. Institute a consistent 7:30pm bedtime. 

Here are the basics rules:

Put them into their cot when they are tired but still awake. This is the single most important thing about this training. It allows them time to self-soothe before falling asleep.

Make sure their room is warm and music playing. The boys share a room at the moment as once they are asleep they are really good at not waking up when one is crying. We play music and it seems to help them drift off to sleep. 

 Make sure they feel secure when they are asleep in another room. The boys use a dummy and a muslim wrap that they rub on their faces to help them drift off to sleep. 

 Having a consistent routine is good for children as they know what is going to happen next. Our bedtime routine is Dinner, Bath, Bottle, music on and kiss and tell them I love you. Goodnight. See you in the morning. Turn lights off and then close the door. 

Having the same wake up time every day as this helps with starting the day off and routine off at the same time each day so the boys know exactly what we are going to do during the day. 

Having the same naptime during the day helps the boys with using up their energy in the morning so they can have a restful nap. I try not to make naptime go past 4 as then they won’t be tired at 7.30pm for bedtime. 

The boys are now just on one sleep a day which has made them happier, independent, inquisitive little men who now can enjoy the morning at playgroupand afternoons at the park burning some excess energy they found when they had a nap. 

Alternate between sitting in the room with the boys and leaving so that they understand that you will return your not going and leaving them alone. 

 Daniel and I will try this technique: The first  few nights arethe hardest but we will sit  next to the cot for 10 minutes and then leave the room for 10 minutes. This will continue in 5 minute intervals. 15 minutes, then 20 and so on. This way she knew we would be coming back. Eventually she would fall asleep.

What we learned from this whole experience:

  • Hearing your baby screaming in her/his cot is really hard. Honestly it really sucks! But knowing that she/him is well fed, healthy, dry and safe helps. Also the first few nights were really the roughest and then it slowly gets better.                                                             
  • Try to share the responsibility of the bedtime routine with your spouse. That way baby can fall asleep with both of you. I take all daytime naps and the partner is in charge of nightly bedtime.                                  
  • There will be ups and downs. For example, today she/he did not want to take her first nap even after I tried to soothe her for 30 minutes. So every once in a while she will skip a nap.                                                             
  • Do your best to keep the early bedtime routine but don’t worry if it doesn’t always happen. With social things that come up, the 7:30pm bedtime doesn’t always happen. Good news is she/he has maintained the same sleep habits throughout.                                                              
  • Don’t give up! Our child/children got use to the routine pretty quickly but obviously it could take your little one a little less or more time. Bottom line is that it works so don’t give up