Mummy instinct to check on the boys. 

Last night I thought that I should check on the boys before I went to bed and lucky I did as Patrick had vomited while he was asleep I didn’t even hear him vomit and I was so scared that he wasn’t breathing so I yelled and out to Daniel. I got him up and passed him to Daniel, then striped his bed and removed the mattress as well. 

After all that I tried to get a doctor to come to our house but they didn’t have any doctor’s as they were all booked up so I called “Nurse on call”  and she told me to go straight to the hospital.

We got in the car and travelled to the hospital where I had to wait about an hour or so. While waiting I had to change Patrick a few times. He didn’t like waiting as he just wanted to be asleep. When the doctor came and saw Patrick he was happy with how Patrick was behaving. He was being his normal self so they sent me and Patrick home but if it continued he told us to bring him back. 

Today after having 4 hours sleep he is looking and feeling himself. He was a bit funny when I would leave as he just wanted me and only me. While we were at the hospital. Spencer was sound asleep whole everything was happening. He is a great sleeper even when I go into their room to put clothes away and turn on the music or heater.

We got home from the hospital and Patrick was asleep so he went to bed then he didn’t want to be alone so I put him in bed with us justto keep an eye on him during the night as I was scared that it would happen again but he has been fine ever since. 

So our day started at 7 am after going tosleep at 3 in the morning so we are both running on 4 hours sleep as he didn’t feel like having a nap during the day. 

After this all this happened last night I will always be checking on them even at nap time. 

Twin Mumma Cait