Sad times when you realise your babies are now TODDLERS. 

In the last couple of months the boys have grown up from babies to toddlers as they have started childcare one day a week, started walking, are getting more and more independent toddlers who don’t need any help but really they still do they just don’t know it yet. 

 I am loving learning from Spencer and Patrick every day. We have recently been trying to get into a good night time routine but every time I try they just want to be around everyone who is still awake in the household. I have pushed back bedtime until about 8 pm. It used to be 7.30pm but they would just cry until I gave into them. So now I just leave them up until 8pm which works a treat. 

 “Every child is different and grows at different stages.”

I have just taken up another day of work so I have enrolled the boys in for a day of childcare. When they saw me they didn’t like seeing me around as i had to be there for all the other children not just them. In the end I had to try not to go into their room. The boys will get used to me being around but until they are used to me helping other children I will just stay away from their room. 

 I am really excited about Spencer and Patrick being at work with me as I miss them when I’m not around them when I have to work as babies are expensive when you get lucky enough to have two at a time. ( People don’t tell you that babies and children are expensive) but they are totally worth it in the long term. 

I’m thinking about going back to work full time as we are tight for money. Everybody keeps telling me not to go back full time as I won’t see them reaching their milestones. I would love to have them with me at my childcare centre if I could afford it. I will look into the fees side of it this week as it might be cheaper to have them their with me full time if I decide to go back.

I absolutely love being a TWIN MUMMA, they have changed mine and Daniel’s life into something amazing and full of fun and love. I wouldn’t change it for anything. They are my favorite part of my life so far. Apart from meeting Daniel of course. Without Daniel there wouldn’t be Spencer and Patrick. The boys have made life worth living and I really appreciate them choosing Daniel and I to become their PARENTS. We are so incredibly lucky.  

Twin mummaneeds help: 
” I need some advice and help on buying the boys some shoes. I don’t know whether or not to buy the pre walkers or go for a big boy shoe. Please help me out as I have no idea..”

I have been trying to write these blogs so that they can see that others might be in the same boat as them. 
Even if it is 

  • Struggling with financial issues 
  • Fighting with your partner 
  • Doing it on your own (Single parent) 
  • Just needed or wanting someone to invite you to have coffee and chat while the children play. 

If you want or need someone to talk to I’m always here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact me and have a chat together. 

I’m always here for you

TwinMummaCait xx