Blogging for success 

I started blogging when I was taking my Magic Beans which I still take but I couldn’t find people who wanted to become happy, healthy, energetic,  have clear skin, grow your own nails. I stopped as I was getting disheartened by the lack of people who wanted to become like me. Everyone was inspired by my story that they would chat to me about my new found lease on life but that’s as far as I got. 

I have continued to blog about my life and my family as they mean the world to me and I would do anything to support, help, incourage them to achieve their full potential. I enjoy helping others even if it’s just being a person who listens to their problems and tries to offer advice so that they can feel a little better about themselves or life in general. 

My idea of success is being able to provide for my family, helping others accomplish their dreams/goals. 

I will attach my website to my instgram profile so that people might view my blog and read some of the stories I have written. I am very interested in blogging and how you make money from your words and experiences. 

I am working three days a week in Childcare. I absolutely love looking after children and watching them grow each and every day and learn more about where they fit into this world of ours. 

I have given birth to twin boys via c-section, I really wanted to feel what labour and giving birth naturally feels like. I don’t regret my decision to have an elective c-section. I just wanted the boys to be happy and healthy when arriving in this big world we live in. 
If you have any questions or suggestions on a topic that you would like to hear please leave me a comment. 

Twin Mumma Cait