Becoming Twin Parents 

When I first found out that we were pregnant I was scared to tell my parents as they have always taught me “If you have sex you will get pregnant.” another thing they taught me was to “Try and be married before you have a baby.” So after being taught those two things I didn’t want to tell them but they were so supportive of our decision to keep the baby. This was before we knew that we were going to have twins. 

My parents have loved every minute of becoming Grandparents. My father has always had the goal of becoming a Grandad, I made his goal come true. He absolutely loves the boys. My pregnancy was amazing and easy. I am very grateful for not having morning sickness, to no stretch marks and being able to work up until 33 weeks pretty much full time give or take a few hours.  

The boys spend 2 weeks in special care, and everyone would come visit us after they would finish work. This made me appreciate everything and everyone through this trying time as the boys couldn’t come home when I got discharged from the hospital. 

During this time Daniel also got a job so he didn’t spend time with us at the hospital as he had to start the job the following week. I am so grateful for Daniel having a job to support us so that I don’t have to work full time. I appreciate you very much Daniel. 

Daniel and I have enjoyed watching the boys achieve their milestones. 

  • Rolling over to 
  • Crawling to 
  • Standing up to 
  • Walking around on the furniture to 
  • Walking unaided. 

We have just enrolled the boys into Childcare one day a week which I am very excited to see what more things they learn. 

 I would like to thank everyone for helping us become the parents we are today. We are still learning and teaching each other every day and we couldn’t be who we are today without your help. Than you everyone who has helped me in raising Spencer and Patrick as Daniel and I couldn’t have done it without you all. 

Who would of thoughtthat one day I would be a twin mummy. It has always been my dream to be a mum but I didn’t think it would be to two babies at once but wouldn’tchange it for anything  in the world.