Keep your friends in the loop. 

Being a mother of one , two or more babies needs to be recognized because these mother’s are role models for their children for excellent work ethic, amazing time management skills, knowledge of the world and how everything works. These skills and experience are handled down to the children with out even knowing that they are teaching them or that their children are learning. 
When you become a mother you need your family and friends around more than ever as when you get out of the first three months of having a baby you want to become yourself again. When you started getting out and about it’s nice to see your old friends that you had before the child/ren.  You are still the same person you were before the children but you feel like everyone has abounded you. 

Some people think that because you have a baby that you can’t do anything that’s totally not true. You can do things but you just have to bring your baby with you which is easy. 

So if you are friends with a pregnant woman please contact her and invite her to do things as they might feel sad and left out. Just because they have a baby is not a reason to forget about them as when you do it hurts. 

Also women who have just had a baby please let your friends in as they want to also be included in your life and if they are asking to see you don’t shut them out either as they have feelings too and want to see you as well.